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Impact Shakers

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Our Mission

With Impact Shakers we tackle complex societal challenges through inclusive entrepreneurship.

We believe entrepreneurship is the best vehicle for change and people are the best at solving problems they know through experience. To tackle more complex problems through entrepreneurship we need more diverse entrepreneurs and we need to activate all of this underused problem-solving potential. 

We work to bridge the gap between impact and profit and to build and scale stronger ventures. We are part of a global movement working on making impact a logical part of every business model. Making the impact economy, just the economy. 

To help make this shift, we approach this from an impact ecosystem perspective. In our venture studio we help build and scale impact ventures, we host an online community and a knowledge hub, and are raising our first micro fund. In Impact Shakers Labs we work on experimental impact entrepreneurship projects. 

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Impact Shakers &

The Doughnut

We are extremely excited about the potential applications of the doughnut for impact businesses and our first experiment is linking our brand new impact awards to the social foundation of the doughnut. These are the first social impact awards linked to the doughnut economics model. We use the doughnut economic model as a framework for the awards and focus on the 12 domains in the social foundation as 12 awards.

Our goal is to start tracking companies within the doughnut framework and share insights and build tools to support the application of the framework in impact ventures.

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The Awards

Impact businesses create ripples that change millions of lives.

It is time to celebrate those who make it their mission to empower as many people as possible to contribute to, and share in the benefits of, sustainable economic growth.

We see these awards as a unique opportunity to bring the impact ecosystem together and celebrate all the positive impact it catalyses.

12 awards, inspired by the 12 domains in the social foundation of the doughnut economic model. This first edition is focused on Europe, but new regions will follow soon!

Get in touch if you're interested in bringing the Awards to your region!

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Impact Shakers Team


Yonca Braeckman

Founder & CEO

Diana Pati

Co-Founder & COO


Anaïs Bouzidi

Marketing Manager

Angela Pisani

Programme Manager

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Isabeau Desmet

Digital Design 

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"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it"

Maya Angelou

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