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Meet the Finalists

We are very honoured to announce these fantastic candidates in the running to win one of the 12 awards in this first edition of the Impact Shakers Awards.

Cast your vote to recognise and celebrate these pioneering impact businesses in Europe before June 18th.

Finalists: Welkom
Finalists: Portfolio

Fairbrics creates sustainable fabrics out of thin air. They convert CO2 into polyester yarns, the most used materials in the fashion industry.

Charm Impact.jpg

Charm Impact is an impact investing platform that crowdsources loans for clean energy startups in developing countries.


carbo culture converts residual feedstocks into functional biocarbons and clean heat.


Coolfinity designs, manufactures and markets cooling solutions for upcoming markets where there is currently no ability to keep necessary items cold, either for the food industry or the medical industry.

Finalists: Portfolio

LAM'ON Ltd produces and sells 100% biodegradable and suitable for compost laminating film called LAM'ON and packaging foil - PACK'ON.

Logos finalists.jpg

Urchinomics helps restore kelp forests by removing overgrazing sea urchins from urchin barrens, ranching them in proprietary aquaculture systems, and converting them into premium seafood.


iFarm is data-driven technology of growing greens, vegetables, berries and edible plants on vertical farms.


Grape is a mobile application that helps grocery shoppers avoid food waste.

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Finalists: Portfolio

KeepAppy is the gym for your mental health, equiping users with a complete wellness toolkit of proactive mental health techniques.


Pharmasentinel uses data and AI to predict, inform & prevent future health problems.


ResHub is a resident engagement platform premised on relationship centred care, whereby providing a truly connected experience between residents, staff and families enhances resident wellness and enables personalised care delivery.


Project Ipsilon develops gamified brain monitoring and assessment app using music playing to generate data for analysis.

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Finalists: Portfolio

RiverRecycle implements solutions to remove floating plastic from rivers and convert it into recycling feedstock and job opportunities.


IRRIOT is the European pioneer in wireless precision irrigation automation. Basically we put a wireless brain on top of an irrigation system.


BitaGreen offers nature-based solutions for urban water management and quality of life.


Nanoseen harnesses the power and potential of next-generation nanomaterials to create solutions and innovative products that solve problems of the modern world including the water crisis, plastic pollution and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Finalists: Portfolio

Hattusia is in the business of tech ethics. They teach and embed proven ethical methodologies and practices in organisations who care about people and the planet as well as profits.


Salmo Visa provides a digitalised immigration service.


Tykn is creating a future of opportunity through digital identity.


The Newsroom fights misinformation and promotes plurality online.

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Finalists: Portfolio

VYLD produces innovative period products from seaweed to prove product-excellence, radical sustainability and empowerment can go hand in hand.


TaskHer champions women in skilled manual trades.


Bi/ond helps biologists in developing INCLUSIVE and PRECISE cures by engineering microchips.


imagiLabs is building the only mobile-first community targeting the 300 million pre-teen girls worldwide with the goal of encouraging them to start coding.

Finalists: Portfolio

Rely is an online platform for women to practice financial wellness and get 1:1 coaching and advice to manage their money. For women by women.


Making Educational content more affordable by offering it under a subscription model.


Ecolytiq enables banks, fintech companies and financial service providers to show their customers the individual impact their purchasing behaviour is having on the environment in real time.

25.jpg empowers everyone to share their know-how in minutes, and learn faster. By crowdsourcing training we are democratizing education, improving accessibility and translations.

Finalists: Portfolio

AgriLedger is working around the world to democratise agribusiness, improve food quality for the consumer, optimise producers' harvesting and distribution model and create an ethical environment free of corruption with fairer pricing.


Lightning Social Ventures helps people in financial hardship to receive super fast support and recover from shocks.


AKOJO MARKET is a platform championing independent, ethical designers and brands from across Africa.


Lucinity delivers a productivity platform for anti-money laundering. By using Human AI they empower financial crimefighters within banks and other financial institutions to do their job more efficiently.

Finalists: Portfolio

EmiGreat is a software solving an inequality problem caused by reduced access to information associated with migration.


Citibeats is about helping decision-makers understand what matters to people at scale, in real-time.


TIIQU is a trust mechanism continuously fed by blockchain-based certificates. They build trusted ecosystems for a modern, inclusive and fair society.


Carewithinreach contributes to a world that works for all, by creating access to qualitative orthopedic care for people with a disability in remote areas (secondary cities) in upcoming economies, starting in Colombia.

Finalists: Portfolio

BC materials blends and transforms ordinary earth streams - considered by some as waste - into perfectly circular building materials, such as clay plasters, compressed earth blocks and rammed earth.


nestful helps those seeking affordable accommodation to co-live with seniors aged 50+ with rooms to spare.


Colette helps students & young people to access better & affordable housing by co-living with seniors who have spare rooms.


Carbon Instead aims to reduce the carbon footprint of conventional construction materials by providing optimized, homogenized and cleaned biochar as an additive.

Category banners-4.jpg
Finalists: Portfolio

Minespider connects companies, empowering them to collect, request, and communicate important data along the supply chain using blockchain and other emerging technologies in order to create transparent, sustainable supply chains which can be scored and actively managed.


Amurabi bridges the gap between the law and its users: empowering all users to actually understand and exercise their rights.


Visual Contracts makes legal content more understandable and empowers people legally through visual contracts.


Backed Technologies helps victims of revenge porn or online image-based abuse take their power back and have more ownership of how their identity is used online.

Finalists: Portfolio
48.jpg helps migrant workers take care of their loved ones, while empowering them to have more control over their allocation of money


Goodfind is an inspiring directory of sustainable brands helping consumers easily find ethical alternatives to everything.


Maanch develops technology to measure, monitor and report on the impact of investments, organisations and philanthropy, through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Panion provides a safe, ad-free, community-building platform for impact-driven and shared experience communities.

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